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167 Thames Street, Morrinsville 3300, New Zealand


Situated in the Waikato, the Wallace Gallery Morrinsville is celebrating ten years as an arts venue showcasing New Zealand art from the Wallace Arts Trust Collection and local, national and international communities across three exhibition spaces.

The gallery relies solely on grants, sponsorships, endowment interests, retail and admissions by donation to meet its operational costs. We are greatly indebted to Sir James Wallace who has pledged the rights to exhibit artworks in Morrinsville from the Wallace Arts Trust Collection, a truly comprehensive collection of contemporary New Zealand art. The largest of the three exhibition spaces exhibits works from this collection on a rotational basis, changing approximately five times a year.

The gallery welcomes proposals from artists and groups for the remaining spaces, one of which is designated for local artists, schools and community groups. Through a lease agreement, the gallery is situated in a building that was once the Post Office on Morrinsville’s main street and as well as an exhibition space, the venue is available for music recitals, public gatherings and private functions.

Wallace Gallery Morrinsville is governed by the Morrinsville Art Gallery Charitable Trust which was formed in 2006 with the vision to establish a public art gallery to enhance the cultural life of the region. Governance is undertaken by the Board of Trustees and the gallery is managed by the Director, who reports to the Trust Board.


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167 Thames Street, Morrinsville 3300, New Zealand